Wednesdays with Trish the Dish!

Happy Hump Day Night!  You are probably wondering about the silly title.  Well, my sister started calling me “Trish the Dish” years ago and I’m still trying to remember why…  I think I’ll send her a text to help jog my memory.  I am one of seven children so you can imagine how many nicknames we created for one another over the years. (Good and Bad!)  I bet my younger brother would remember them ALL!  So what was your favorite nickname growing up?  I think I disliked most of mine! 🙂    That nickname got stuck in my head tonight  and it only seemed fitting for the post.  I hope everyone is having a great week.  We are certainly busy around here – wedding anniversary, camps, swim team, work!  The Summer is off to a fast start!

I’ve been busy busy in the kitchen this past week  – Homemade Pizza, New Fudge recipe – yummy, yummy, Fresh Green beans, Peppers and Blueberry Preserves!  What is happening in your kitchen?   I won’t be at the Bolton Farmer’s Market this Sunday but plan to return the next weekend.  If you need any goodies for the dads on Sunday, I’m your gal!        



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