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Oh Joyful Wednesday!  How’s everybody doing this week?   I’ve finally recovered from Rose Lawn Festival over the weekend.  It was wild!  We went through about 75 pounds of fudge and lots of yummy brownies.  I’m so humbled by the turnout and support.  On to the next event!  I’ll be at the First Annual Pumpkin Patch at Peachtree Presbyterian Church on 9/30 from 10-1pm.  There will be several vendors, Pumpkins (of course!) and lots of fun activities for the whole family!  I’m menu planning now so if there’s anything you are craving, send me a message or leave me a comment.  Check out the link for more details.    Peachtree Presbyterian Pumpkin Patch

I will likely not be at Bolton Road Farmers Market this Sunday.  Years of sun bathing have caught up with me and I’m having a bad spot removed tomorrow.  It’s called Basal Carcinoma and it’s very common but still serious.  I don’t like to call it the C word but that’s what the Dr. calls it.  I’m praying only a small area has to be removed but honestly I have no idea what to expect until they start the procedure.  I will likely have a bandaged up face so I’m leaving the weekend open just in case.  Wear sunscreen people!   That’s all I have to say! Monday was taco night in our house.  I braved the store after work and decided to make a meat mixture with part ground buffalo and part lean ground beef.  Some of you may be thinking…buffalo!?!? Yes, Buffalo!  Bison meat is low in fat, high in protein and very tasty.  It’s not gamey at all and also delicious in chili.  It is a little pricier, though, than ground beef.  If you aren’t sold on using it then feel free to sub for all ground beef or ground turkey.  I used my favorite taco seasoning and dressed up the mixture with chopped onions and peppers.  I bought a pack of romaine lettuce that were large enough for “tacos” and used those instead of tortillas.  We had some shells in the pantry so the girls had crispy tacos.  Feel free to use lettuce, tortillas or hard shells. Great toppings – diced tomatoes, chopped lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, black beans or fresh avocado. This is a perfect weeknight meal!  Give it a try and let me know what you think!  I promise you won’t ever buy packaged taco seasoning again!

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Bison Beef Tacos
  1. Add 1 TBS olive oil to a non-stick skillet. Heat over medium-high then add chopped onions and peppers and saute for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add meat to pan and cook for 6-8 minutes until browned and no longer pink, breaking up the meat with a wooden spoon. Drain any fat. Add taco seasoning and 3/4 cup water to the mixture and stir until combined. Let mixture come to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer for about ten minutes. Give it a stir every couple minutes. While the meat is simmering, prepare your toppings (chopped tomatoes, cheese, salsa etc). Assemble tacos, serve immediately and enjoy!
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Great toppings - diced tomatoes, chopped lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, black beans or fresh avocado

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