Hello and welcome to my new website!  I’m so excited that it is up and running and You are here!  I have to be honest, building a DIY website was not easy but I think I’m getting there.  Phase one is now complete (well sort of!) and I’m certain I’ll be making changes every day.  Take a look around, let me know what you love and what you hate.  I’m all ears!

Enough website talk!  Let’s talk about what happening in the kitchen.  I made a Rosemary Boule last night.  It’s one of my favorite breads and gets devoured in one sitting in my house.  I’m also testing a new fudge flavor this weekend so stay tuned!  I won’t be at any farmer’s markets this weekend due to a prior commitment but I do have a freezer full of fudge if you need anything for your Summer BBQs.  Give me a shout!

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